ACOEM ONEPROD Falcon Smart Data Collector Vibration Analyzers


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  • Instantaneous time spectrum
  • Power autospectrum
  • RMS spectrum
  • Cross-spectrum
  • Transfer function
  • Transmissibility
  • Coherence

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ACOEM ONEPROD Falcon Smart Data Collector Vibration Analyzers

Description :

Four-Channel Vibration Analyser, Collector, Balancer, Recorder
Main features:
Compact and light case
Single-hand operating (left or right)
Color screen/touch screen
Icon-based intuitive user interface
Online help
Wireless 3-axis sensor
Integrated stroboscope, contactless laser-sighting temperature sensors, no connection of external accessory required.
Automatic identification process of the measurement point by contactless reading of QR-code, preventing sensor positioning errors and reducing measurement time.

Operating comfort and safety are ensured even in the most severe
environments. OneproD Falcon is also suitable for extreme conditions encountered in chemical and petrochemical industry, iron and steel industry, paper industry, cement works, etc.:
IP65 protected
Intrinsically safe version available (OneproD MVP-2EX)
Based on the latest technology, OneproD Falcon offers added performances, in a more and more compact form:
4 vibration channels + 1 trigger input
Frequency range: up to 80 kHz
Resolution: 101 000 lines
Communication via USB, WiFi, Ethernet, Internet
Long-time recording, up to 80 seconds at 51.2 kHz, 4 Msamples
Memory: 4 GB
Automatic configuration
Automatic diagnosis

Multiple functions range from the mere control of vibration levels to the most sophisticated diagnoses:
Data collector MAC (Machine Auto Controller) witch cloud storage, Basic Route or Smart Route
2, 4 plane balancer
Four-channel analyser, future option
Digital recorder, future option
Order analysis, future option
Analyser module with CPB measurement: octave, 1/3rd octave and 1/12th octave, future option

Balancer module:
1 -4 plane balancing

Integrated sensors
OneproD Falcon includes two laser-sighting contactless sensors that allow, without any additional accessories, to complement data collections with temperature (pyrometry) and rotation speed (LED stroboscope) measurements. Since they usually require handling external accessories, these additional measurements are often neglected although they provide a better knowledge of the machines.

Note: Class 2 laser instrument, wavelength: 630-680 nm, max. power: 1 mW according to Standard NF EN 60825-1.

Measurement point identification: each bearing (or machine) is equipped with an QR-code and remotely issues its code.You just need to bring OneproD Falcon a few centimetres away from the bearing and press the reading key using the camera. After reading this code, OneproD Falcon automatically sets up the corresponding measurement point and is ready to start data acquisition. This method ensures reliable and faster measurements (no more inversion of the measurement point).

Data Collector
OneproD Falcon is a performing tool to collect data associated with OneproD XPR-300 Predictive Maintenance Software. Three levels of functions are available to meet closely your requirement at the most competitive price.
With its integrated sensors (laser-sighting pyrometer and LED stroboscope, automatic identification of the measurement point), only one cable (that of the vibration transducer) or wireless transducer is required to identify the measurement point and measure the data that are characteristic of the operating state of your machines (vibration, rotation speed, temperature):
Four channel measurement: faster, orbit analysis
Flash acquisition to speed up data collection
Single-hand measurements (left or right)
Shock-proof, IP65 protection
Organisation of measurements in a 4-level tree system
Automatic sequencing of measurements performed at the same geographic spot
Inspection notes
?Review? function to analyse measurement data directly on the instrument
Off-route measurements: – the level tree structure – copy and paste of machine, point or measurement

This optional module is used to correct balancing defects on simple and complex machines.

From 1 to 4 balancing planes
Polar display of measurements
Storage of more than 1000 balancings
One-run balancing capability
Information on the measurement deviation (rotation speed, vibration)
Polar display of trial and correction weights
Splitting of correction weights
Display of balancing quality
Using two-channel/four-channel option, parallel measurements on 2/4 sensors are possible, resulting in a faster, safer and more accurate procedure

Analyser, future option
With this version, measurements and diagnoses can be performed directly on the instrument: overall level control, time and spectrum analysis. The two-channel option offers numerous other functions, such as orbit analysis for journal bearing machines and transfer function for the characterisation of mechanical resonances. Measurement data may be processed on a PC using the vib-Graph software.
Measurement organisation based on a 3-level tree structure
Fast generation – using copy/paste functions at all levels

Functions :

Instantaneous time spectrum
Power autospectrum
RMS spectrum
Transfer function

1, 2, 3, 4 traces
Linear or logarithmic amplitude, phase, real part, imaginary part

Shock acquisition
Averaging with validation

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