ALPHALAB GM2 Portable Digital Gauss Meter

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ALPHALAB GM2 Portable Digital Gauss Meter

Description :

Model GM2 Measures the strength and polarity of magnetic field up to 30kG when using a standard probes, or 800 gauss ( resolution 0.01 gauss) if an HS probe is used. Functions include DC, AC and peak hold along with a user-adjustable alarm which has three modes of operation. DC background field can be subtracted out either by pressing “ Relative Zero” or by manually adjusting the offset. The meter includes battery, AC adapter analog output jack and calibration certificate. If a standard probe is used, resolution is 0.1 gauss up to 19, 999.9 gauss, which is stronger than the field of any permanent magnet. This 5 ½ digit display allows measurement of tiny difference in strong fields. Above 20kG the meter autoranges to a 30kG range. Interchangeable probes are available at two sensitivity levels: standard to 30k gauss and HS ( resolution 0.01 gauss) ; these are available in universal ( bendable) , axial and transverse shape. Choice of one probe is included with the meter

Features :

High dynamic range: can measure even a small variation in a large DC, AC or peak magnetic field.
Programmable alarm will sound either if field exceeds a level you set or if the field is between lower and upper levels you set.
Intuitive to use with rapid turn on, fast update. Begin reading DC field, AC f field, or peak field just by turning the knob. No setup or calibration required.
Peak hold function shows the highest DC level with fast 0.002 sec capture window; also displays polarity of the peak.
Interchangeable probes: range 30k G with ST probes; 800 G ( 0.01 G resolution) with HS probes.
Runs on battery or AC adapter ( included) .
Includes analog output connector, certificate of calibration.
CE Compliant.

Applications :

ST-Probe measures all magnets, DC/ AC electromagnets and solenoids. With the HS-Probe, parts can be rapidly scanned for residual magnetism. An alarm can be set to sound is any region exceeds a set threshold. “ Peak hold” functions shows the maximum magnetism.
Measures background ( including Earth) field direction and strength, both DC and AC.
Using the AC adapter, meter can be left on permanently to capture the peak field value ( if at least 0.002 seconds in duration) ; can be read at any future time.

Specifications :

Range/ Resolution ( ST Probe) : 0-19, 999.9 G / 0.1 G; 20kG- 30kG / 1G indicates polarity
Range/ Resolution ( HS Probe) : 0-799.99G / 0.01G indicates polarity
Accuracy ( w/ probe) 16° to 29° C: 1% of DC reading / 3% AC + / – 10 Counts / 1% peak hold
Accuracy ( w/ probe) -4° to 65° C: 2% of DC reading / 4% AC + / – 10 Counts / 2% peak hold
AC Frequency Range: 45-800 Hz; 3 dB limits are 11 to 1500 Hz.
Peak Hold Speed: 2 millisec pulse is 71% , 5+ millisec pulse is 100% ± 1%
Output Type: Analog DC Signal.
Output Magnitude ( ST Probe) : Below 20kG, output is 0.1mV/ G. Above 20kG, it is 0.01 mV/ G
Output Magnitude ( HS Probe) : 1mV/ G
Meter Size: 5.2 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches; 138 x 91 x 41 mm
Weight: 7.5 oz
Battery: 9 volt alkaline ( ~ 40 hour life with ST probe, ~ 20 with HS probe) ; ” Low Battery ” indicator

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