CMT MC GPS Handheld GIS/GIS and Data Collector

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CMT MC GPS Handheld GIS/GIS and Data Collector

Description :

choice for foresters. Works well under tree canopy. Includes the industry’s only built-in TRAVERSE function to let you collect positional data even when GPS signals are not available, such as in extremely dense canopy situations or in caves. The rugged MC-GPS has been in the market for over six years. Thousands of units are utilized in rough forest terrain.

RTCM-104 Version 2.0: Real-time DGPS
Simply plug your RTCM-104 source (i.e.FM pager, VHF radio, WADGPS) into the MC-GPS’s COM1: port. The MC-GPS will automatically detect and use the RTCM message. Since the MC-GPS has two DB-9 serial ports, you can use COM1: for RTCM and still have COM2: available for a barcode reader or NMEA output to another instrument. Don’t worry if you lose the RTCM message while you are collecting data; the MC-GPS can be set to collect raw data and will automatically warn you so you can post-process your data.

NMEA 0183 output
The MC-GPS will send out a NMEA 0183 message, at an interval specified by you, to either COM1: or COM2:. This functionality allows the MC-GPS to output a GPS position to devices (i.e. digital cameras, sonar, etc.) that will accept a NMEA 0183 message. There is no need to change your instrument settings. The MC-GPS communications can be set to match your instrument. In the NMEA Setup screen, you have complete control over the baud rate and protocol settings.

Efficient Data Entry with Bar Code Input
Attach a bar code scanner to the MC-GPS and you can quickly enter data. Bar code menus can be set up in such a way that you never need to touch the MC-GPS keyboard.

CMT Field Software Ver. 3.8: Collect Points, Lines Areas ; Feature/Attribute/Value GIS structure; Graphic plotting; Traversing – keyboard data entry to allow you to continue mapping when GPS is obstructed; Offset function to map hard-to-reach locations;  Nested point function for tagging points while you are mapping a Line or Area Feature;  Averaging function to optimize accuracy while recording static points; LLA/UTM/SPC plus user-defined coordinates; Supports 50 datums plus user-defined datums;  Provides area calculation in the field;  Interfaces to laser rangefinders, barcode readers and various NMEA devices; Canyon, Blockage and Clear modes for optimal tracking performance.

Obtain 2 cm + 2 ppm accuracy with Carrier Phase
Using the carrier phase option, the MC-GPS-CM can attain centimeter-level accuracy (2cm+2ppm) without separate data collectors, antennas or poles. Uploading and processing your carrier phase data in PC-GPS is virtually the same as processing C/A code data. Behind the scenes, however, is a robust carrier phase processor (CMTCM) that will provide either a FIXED solution (ambiguities fixed to integers) or FLOAT solution (ambiguities resolved to real values). The program will notify you of which type of solution was used. You may also process the same data with the standard C/A code processor by simply selecting the CMT Differential processor.

MC-GPS-CM offers the ultimate in flexibility, allowing you to do a variety of tasks. It can be used to record 1-3 meter data in addition to 2cm+2ppm data. For example, if you have a job that requires 2cm+2ppm accuracy on the property corners but only requires 1-3 meter accuracy on the streams running through the property, the MC-GPS would be the perfect tool. It can perform both tasks in the field without skipping a beat. In the past, you would have needed two different types of GPS receivers to do this job.

Specifications :

Real-Time Differential (DGPS): DGPS (RMS): 2.5 m. DGPS (typical): 1 – 3 m. L1 Carrier Phase Post-Processing: Static (RMS): 2.5 cm + 1ppm;  Static Spread (typical): 2 cm + 2ppm. L1 C/A Code Post-Processing: Static (RMS): 2.5 m; Static (typical):  0.9 m – 1.5 m.  Time to first fix: 60 sec. typical, 40 sec. with current ephemeris. Drop lock sensitivity: -143 dBm costas threshold.  Acquisition sensitivity: -134 dBm costas threshold. Reacquisition: < 1 sec with < 10 sec interruption. Velocity (RMS): 05 m/sec. Maximum velocity: 460 m/sec. Maximum altitude: 18,000 m. Maximum acceleration: 2.5G. Operating System: CMT ROSII. CPU: CMOS 8088, no memory wait states, operating at 10 MHz. System Memory: 512Kb RAM. RAM Disk: 3 MB internal standard. Optional 5 and 8 MB available. Environmental: Waterproof, dustproof, shock-resistant. Operating Temp.: -40°C to 54°C. Display: 8 lines x 21 characters (8192 pixel graphics). Communications: Two 9-pin RS-232 serial ports (PC-AT Pin-out); Baud rate configurable from 300-38400 bps.  Keyboard:  55-key, alphanumeric, tactile keyboard with large numeric pad and 10 function keys (5 shifted). Size: 12.35″ x 4.06″ x 2.3″.  Weight: 3 lbs (48 ounces) including batteries and attached antenna. Velocity: Without DGPS: 0.1 m/s With DGPS: 0.05 m/s. Time: Without SA: 1 pps +/- 50 ns RMS. Position Update Rate: Once per second. Maximum Velocity: 460 m/sec. (1000 knots/sec.).  Maximum Altitude: 18000 m (60000 ft). Maximum Acceleration: 2.5g.

Features :

6-channel L1 frequency
Full wavelength carrier phase on L1
Carrier-phase smoothing
Up to 1 Hz position update rate
Up to 1 Hz code & phase measurements
1 PPS timing signal
Superior performance under tree canopy
Two 9-pin RS-232 serial ports, PC/AT pinout.
The MC-GPS has two waterproof DB-9 RS-232 serial ports (COM1: and COM2:)
Waterproof (submersible)
Audible beeper
Operating temperature: -40°C to 54°C
8 line x  21 character backlit display
3 MB RAM standard (5 MB, 8 MB optional)
Fully integrated GPS receiver, antenna and data collector in one hand-held unit
55-key alphanumeric keyboard including 5 function keys and separate numeric keypad
Optional external antenna
Rechargeable battery

Includes :

Field Software Version 3.8
PC-GPS Version 09
3 Megabyte RAMDISK
PC Transfer Cable
Batteries and Smart Chargers for Receiver & System Battery
Spare 2100 mAh GPS Engine Battery (Charge with ACC-SMC-G2-L)
Spare Smart Charger for GPS-ENG-BAT-G3 w/3 charge modes and charge status LED.
Nylon Carrying Case
External Antenna, 2M cable, Rangepole and Pole Holder

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