Lutron LM 8102 5 in 1 Environment Meter

* 5 in 1 professional measuring instrument: Anemometer, Hygrometer, Type K Thermometer, Light meter. Sound level meter.
* Anemometer use low-friction ball bearing mounted wheel design provides high accuracy.
* Light meter use exclusive photo diode and color correction filter light sensor, spectrum meets C.I.E. photopic.
* Type K thermometer use standard type K (NiCr-NiAl) thermocouple input jack suitable for all kinds of type K probe.
* Humidity meter use high precision humidity sensor with fast response time.
* Sound level meter’s characteristic is simulated as
” Human Ear Listing” response, used the ” A ” frequency weighting and ” Fast ” time weighting to meet IEC 61672 class 2.
* Sound level meter can cooperate the external 94 dB sound calibrator and just press the front buttons to make the calibration
* Built- in microprocessor circuit assures excellent performance and accuracy.
* Concise and compact buttons arrangement, easy operation.
* Memorize the maximum and minimum value with recall.
* Hold function to freeze the current reading value.
* / detection by pressing button on the front panel.
* Lux/Feet-candle selection by pressing front button.
* Air velocity measuring units selection by pressing button on the front panel for five kinds of units.
* Multi channel display for relative humidity and temperature measured values or air velocity and temperature measured values at the same time.
* Zero button design makes light meter calibration.
* Rough housing case suitable for handling with one hand,
* RS232/USB computer data bus.



Jual Lutron LM 8102 5 in 1 Environment Meter dengan harga murah, diskon dan cari produk Lutron lainnya dari kategori Anemometer. Gratis biaya pengiriman untuk wilayah Jakarta dan dapat dikirim ke seluruh Indonesia. Dapatkan hanya di toko online, belanja online mudah dan aman.

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